Acoustical panels multifunctional room



The private school, "École Jésus-Marie", has inaugurated its new living space. This new multifunctional area was inaugurated last year. The school administration wanted a room for today’s youth: bright, welcoming and dynamic. For the well-being of students and teachers, a healthier and more inspiring living environment had to be created.

To carry out this project, EJM called on the team of designers, Loca Design. The interior design was intended to provide a larger, brighter and more functional living and working space. The lighting was improved in two ways, better access to natural light as well as the integration of better lighting adapted to each area.


In addition to improving the lighting, Loca Design was able to improve the sound control by adding acoustical baffles, along with the Feltkütur felts, allowing for a cozier atmosphere. Thus, combining design with functionality. Here is proof that the right choice of materials, and furniture, can make all the difference.

The project was made possible thanks to the generosity of the Gendreau family from the Canadian company Garaga.

You can reach the Loca Design team at You can also visit their website


To improve living environments or for the construction of new schools, Feltkütur is the partner of choice for improving acoustic comfort. In addition, Feltkütur allows a cozy Canadian design. The Feltkütur acoustic panels are manufactured in Canada since 1967. For more information, contact your Richelieu Hardware representative.