Acoustical Panels – Cafeteria


Alkegen acquired a company in Canada to support its growth strategy. This acquisition allows the company to increase their range of products made available to their regular and potential customers.

In order to put the Alkegen imprint in this new office environment, the design team of Feltkütur proposed a refined acoustic solution thanks to our Gray St-Sebastien as well as the use of Düotex Tahmea 6.4mm and 12.7mm. In order to select the right acoustic solution, the environment and the customer’s requirements are taken into account. Knowing that the surface to be covered was very large and that the client wanted to cover the entire wall, our designer was able to propose this 2D plan to charm all eyes!

The Feltkütur panels give the environment of this cafeteria a completely different atmosphere, more comfortable in terms of sound, but also visually. Employees who use this environment are delighted to see the efforts made by Alkegen to provide aesthetic decor, but also sound quality to the room.

Rest areas are meant to be a good place to take a few minutes to recharge the batteries. This company will be able to count on this achievement to meet these needs for their employees.

Add the benefits of Düotex acoustic panels to your design!

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Made from recyclable polyester fibers, Düotex panels are very effective in terms of sound insulation. The flexible composition of the panels makes it possible to better absorb sounds of different frequencies. Acoustic performance can be adjusted according to their layouts. The Düotex is available in 6.4mm or 12.7mm.

But that's not all, the mixture of different fibers gives them a very unique surface. You benefit from effective and stylish acoustic felt panels.

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