Acoustical Hanging Screen



Overall, acoustical hanging screens improve the acoustics of a room, making it more comfortable and conducive for meetings, presentations, and other activities. They also enhance the privacy, reduce distractions, and improve the aesthetic of the space. It is a cost-effective solution for improving the sound environment of a room.

Our Renaissance Acoustical hanging screens collection adds an attractive design to a space with its 9 colors and 6 design patterns options. This allows you to select a screen that compliments your room's current décor.

Acoustical hanging screen

The Renaissance collection can be used in a variety of settings, from offices and conference rooms to living spaces and home theaters. This allows you to choose a design that fits the specific aesthetic of the room.

Our acoustical hanging screens are made of durable Düotex 12mm felt that can withstand regular use and can be easily cleaned. This ensures that they will maintain their aesthetic appeal over time.

The Renaissance hanging screen collection is designed to be easy to install and remove, which means you can change the design of your room as often as you like.

All these features make acoustical hanging screens an excellent option for adding a touch of style to any room.