Acoustical Baffles Constellation Creation

The Creation of the Constellation Collection


Acoustical baffle design is part of the Feltkütur DNA, with the vast majority of our team having worked in the textile industry for over 20 years.



Acoustic Baffles

Therefore, after producing our Düotex acoustical felt panel, we thought and discussed the design of the acoustic components and how we could improve a working environment. Our engineers designed suspended baffle systems that effectively improve the acoustics of open areas, whether it's in a theater, restaurant, train station or any other large space. For example, our acoustic ceiling baffles improve the quality of music in a concert hall or recording studio, or suppress ambient noise to make work spaces more productive and enjoyable.


Over the past few decades, workplaces have evolved significantly, prompting companies to redesign collaborative spaces to enhance employee comfort, productivity and creativity. As a result, great importance is now placed on the creation of collaborative and quiet zones, since employees are spending less and less time at their traditional desks. These developments have had a major impact on our decision to bring new products to market.


Our Constellation collection of acoustic baffle systems help interior designers solve noise-related problems in collaborative spaces. According to some statistics, collaborative spaces, libraries and coffee shops are either too quiet or too noisy. The balance is difficult to find for the following reasons:

- open spaces amplify sound;

- a large number of devices emit sound;

- the presence of constant distractions (clicks, movement, electronic devices, etc.).

Acoustic Baffle

Our baffle systems provide excellent acoustical performance through their elegant and stylish design. Our acoustic baffle systems work in the same way as our acoustic wall panels. Sound energy penetrates the panel, causing the fibers inside the material to vibrate and dissipate the sound. Using theoretical models of the Constellation collection's acoustic baffle performance, we are able to estimate the amount of deflectors needed to improve the acoustic comfort of your room.