Creating Collaborative Workspace


Office life has its own set of perks, and also challenges. The perks: seeing your favorite coworkers, having a chat with the team, and just having a place where you can focus on your job-related responsibilities. The challenges: being distract by colleagues talking with each other, sharing their nice weekend plans, or that one person who insists on explaining why you must buy this model or that model of car. Hey, that’s just office life.

Uncomfortable environments can slow down work processes. When employees are comfortable at work, they perform better because they aren’t focused on whatever is making them uncomfortable: whether it’s an open office where acoustical strategics are not taken into consideration, or the layout of the office is not optimal for the work at hand.

Use Sound-Absorbing Materials

There may be aspects of your building or work area that can’t change, but you can make efforts towards creating a cozy environment.

Anyone designing office space for maximum productivity through reduction of noise pollution needs to plan to absorb, block and cover sounds that could be distracting to workers. Sound-absorbing materials are key for reducing noise in open areas. For any space that is designed with mostly hard surfaces, adding soft materials can dramatically reduce the level of noise in the space.

Feltkütur technology offers you a variety of options. You can use acoustic wall tiles which is a simple way to add sound absorption and also create a nice environment.  These tiles can be used in meeting rooms, in open office environments and of course, in closed offices.  If you wish to simplify the installation, you can use our Tekboard Studio, which can be easily installed like a picture frame, but with adding some great soundproofing performance.

For open ceilings, our acoustic baffle systems can fill these empty spaces. In addition to performing an acoustic absorption function, it adds a visual aspect to your environment. Our, Constellation collection of acoustic baffle systems allows you to keep the feeling of freedom in your open spaces.

Searching for the right solutions for your workplace acoustics can be overwhelming. Our Feltkütur product line offers innovative and unique products for you to consider using when searching for workplace acoustic solutions.