New acoustic specialist


We are delighted to announce that Gilles Elhadad has joined our team as Acoustic Specialist. He will provide technical support for sales and new product development. With over twenty-five years' experience in the acoustics field, Gilles brings exceptional expertise to our company.

Gilles will play a pivotal role in the product development process. He will collaborate closely with our architects, engineers, and designers to refine specifications, ensuring that our acoustic solutions meet the most stringent market requirements. His involvement will extend beyond specifications, as he will also be a part of the construction materials segment, primarily focusing on the ECODUO product line. His in-depth knowledge of materials and soundproofing techniques will be a valuable asset in ensuring that our products meet the highest standards in acoustic performance. 

Furthermore, Gilles will provide invaluable support to our activities within the Feltkütur product range. His deep understanding of customer needs and his dedication to delivering exceptional service will enable him to significantly contribute to the overall customer experience within this product line. 

We are confident that Gilles will excel in this new role and that his commitment to excellence and customer service will enable him to successfully meet this new challenge within our team. We warmly welcome him and look forward to witnessing the valuable contributions he will bring to our company and our clients.