Acoustic Solution Richelieu


partner in acoustic solutions since day one

Since the creation of the Feltkütur brand in 2016, Richelieu Hardware has stood out as its first distributor. Through the Gordonply/Simtab Neos division, Richelieu Hardware was the first distributor to offer the Düotex and Tekboard panels from the Feltkütur product range, for sale. This collaboration has showcased Feltkütur's innovative and high-quality products through Richelieu Hardware's numerous points of sale. 

Richelieu Hardware, as a renowned distributor, offers a wide range of products for the construction and interior design industry. With their network of stores and presence in different regions, Richelieu Hardware has made the Düotex and Tekboard panels from Feltkütur easily accessible to customers across Canada. 

The many points of sale of Richelieu Hardware are a significant advantage for Feltkütur's customers. Whether for professionals in architecture, construction, or renovation, or for individuals seeking interior covering and design solutions, Richelieu Hardware provides a convenient and diverse shopping experience. Customers can find Feltkütur's products in different Richelieu Hardware stores, making it easier for them to find high-quality acoustic solutions. 

As the first distributor of Feltkütur, Richelieu Hardware has played an essential role in introducing the Düotex and Tekboard panels to the Canadian market. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service has established a strong partnership between the two companies. Through this fruitful collaboration, Richelieu Hardware's customers have been able to benefit from the advantages of Feltkütur's acoustic products to enhance their work and living spaces.