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Partnership between Feltkütur et Emblm

An Acoustic and Furniture Alliance for Harmonious Workspaces in Quebec

In the field of workspace design, two key aspects are often emphasized: acoustics and furniture. It is in this context that the partnership between Feltkütur, an expert in acoustic materials, and its distributor in Quebec, EMBLM, makes perfect sense. By combining their respective expertise, these two entities offer Quebec-based businesses comprehensive solutions to create harmonious and productive workspaces. 


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One of EMBLM's major assets is its recognized expertise in office furniture. Their team has in-depth knowledge of trends, specific needs, and regulations in the Quebec market. Leveraging this expertise, EMBLM is able to provide a selection of office furniture tailored to clients' ergonomic, functional, and aesthetic requirements. 

EMBLM's presence in Quebec also establishes a strong and local distribution network. This translates into increased availability of Feltkütur's products in the province, offering businesses simplified access to high-quality acoustic solutions. 

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Feltkütur, on the other hand, is renowned for its expertise in acoustic materials. Their range of innovative and high-performing products addresses acoustic challenges in workspaces. Whether it is reducing noise disturbances, improving speech intelligibility, or creating quiet work areas, Feltkütur offers customized solutions tailored to each client's specific needs. 

By combining their expertise in office furniture and acoustic materials, Feltkütur and EMBLM offer an integrated approach to designing optimal workspaces. Feltkütur's acoustic materials can seamlessly integrate with the furniture solutions provided by EMBLM, creating comfortable work environments conducive to concentration and productivity. 

Harmonious and Productive Workspaces: EMBLM's presence in Quebec brings numerous benefits to businesses and clients. Through their combined expertise in office furniture and acoustic materials, Feltkütur and EMBLM enable the creation of harmonious workspaces that enhance employee well-being and productivity. 

By reducing noise disturbances, enhancing privacy and confidentiality in conversations, and optimizing furniture arrangements, these integrated solutions contribute to creating serene work environments that promote concentration. Employees can fully focus on their tasks while enjoying aesthetically pleasing and functional surroundings. 

The partnership between Feltkütur and EMBLM in Quebec represents a strategic alliance for the creation of harmonious and productive workspaces. With EMBLM's expertise in office furniture and Feltkütur's expertise in acoustic materials, Quebec-based businesses have access to comprehensive and customized solutions.