Acoustic Expertise


Designed and Tested in Canada

All Feltkütur acoustic panels have been tested in the laboratories of Novika Solutions. Founded in 1983 under the name "Specialized Centre of Physics Technology", Novika Solutions is a non-profit organization renowned as a college center for technology transfer (CCTT), linked to the Cégep de La Pocatière.

Since 2016, Texel Technical material, Inc. has been working on the improvement of Feltkütur felt acoustic panels. To validate the effectiveness of the acoustic technology of the Düotex panels, Texel with the help of the Novika Technology Transfer Center, simulated an acoustical test in a youth center. (see video)

Thanks to the theoretical models of the absorbent performance of the Düotex acoustic panels and the evaluation of the site, Novika was able to quantify the number of square feet of Düotex to improve the acoustic comfort of the youth center.

The reverberating room of Novika Solutions has been used to characterize the acoustic performance of several types of panels, including Ünitex, Düotex, Tekboard and Constellation acoustic baffle systems collection. This room has been designed so that the sound is diffused uniformly on its walls. We thus observe a strong reverberation of long duration.

The walls of the room are constructed of soundproof closed-pore concrete, which absorbs virtually no noise. To avoid resonance, walls and ceilings are not parallel. The source of the noise is located in a corner of the room.



Salle acoustique



In a context of technology transfer, Novika Solutions applies the skills of its team to the development of products and the improvement of production processes of its industrial partners.
Thanks to its multidisciplinary team and research infrastructure, Novika has been and still is a partner of choice for the realization of Feltkütur acoustic products.