Acoustic Comfort

Promoting Well-being through acoustic comfort

Our distributor EMBLM and Clinique Évolution, located in Quebec City, have recently worked together to offer customers from the psychology clinic a space where finding balance is a priority. Since 2012, the Clinique Évolution offers many services such as psychological and neuropsychological assessment, individual or couple follow-up, family follow-up and orientation advice.

Evolution, having well-being at heart and sharing the desire to help others in an environment that respects everyone, wanted to add acoustic comfort to the consultation rooms. By selecting our Tekboard Studio product on the walls of consulting rooms, practitioners and users alike saw the soothing and comforting effect that the acoustic panels had to offer.


The technology of Tekboard acoustic panels allows a combination of structural and acoustical properties. The honeycomb structures serve to strengthen the resistance of the panel while ensuring maximum lightness. These cells also ensure an air space that amplifies the acoustical properties of the composite. Whether it's for the manufacture of acoustic baffles, relaxation booths, telephone booths, divider panels or office furniture, the Tekboard is an ideal solution.



It is thanks to the excellent advice of Marjorie, Account Manager at EMBLM, the team ensured a good selection of products from the Feltkütur acoustic panel collections to meet the specific needs of the environments selected by her client.