3D acoustic tool launch

Feltkütur will launch a 3D visualization tool

The Feltkütur team is currently working on a 3D visualization tool with its long-standing partner Pixi Studio, in Montreal.  The visualization tool will be founded on the principle of independent creativity. Our customers will be able to create unexpected ideas, by creating the unexpected combinations using this reality virtual tool.


The 3D visualization tool will be known as “Feltkütur Illusion”. The configurator will allow the architects and designers to explore a practically endless number of product options, from acoustical tiles and acoustical baffles to the different hanging screen models. The tool will make it easy and practical to play around with many different acoustic options that could fit into your environment. Furthermore, it will also provide an acoustical theoretical estimation on how much product you will need to achieve the sound comfort of a specific environment.

3D configurator 8

In a world where we have access to tons of pictures / illustrations of perfect rooms on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, professionals can get a good idea of what they want any given room to look like. What's missing is how to bring that kind of design to life.

3D configurator 7

The "Feltkütur Illusion" 3D tool will give a little taste of the logistics required in creating a well-designed space, which will provide some perks to A&D community. The users will get access to sketches, elevation drawings from multiple angles, tiles layouts, and other detailed plans that support that artistry.

3D Configurator 6

Interact with Feltkütur’s acoustical products by turning and sliding them into different positions. Change the color of the walls or the felt, choose your type of flooring, zoom in and out, and spin the virtual room around for a 360° view.

Stay tuned for the launch of “Feltkütur Illusion”!