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Chloé Barabé, architect owner of B | Architecture is an inspiring person. Since the beginning of her professional architecture practice in 2010, Chloé has had the opportunity to demonstrate her versatility: from her design skills to her interest in the latest technologies as well as her ability to manage projects of all kinds. Sensitive to the spatial characteristics, moods and aesthetics of the subject, she has actively participated in numerous winning projects, in architecture and design as in museography.


B | Architecture was officially incorporated last summer. The company is specialized in three different sectors; residential, museum exhibitions and Chloé is interested in developing the commercial sector more actively. So as to achieve this, she quickly realized she needed to add members to her team in order to grow the firm and respond to all her projects. One year after the incorporation, her team already counts three people; two architects and a designer. They know how to make an environment a pleasant space for her customers.


The new Pistagnesi-Doyon offices 


The new Pistagnesi-Doyon offices

We had the opportunity to meet Chloé thanks to the result of her work for the new offices of Pistagnesi-Doyon, where the use of Feltkütur made a perfect marriage with the other materials in the decor. The client, having to relocate its offices, aimed to provide a comfortable and stimulating work environment for his employees. Seeing the characteristics of the local; a concrete ceiling and a hardwood floor, she knew that acoustics would be an issue. At that moment, she recalled the acoustic properties of Düotex products from Feltkütur that could help her create a cozy atmosphere as desired by her client. In its concept, felt panels are also used to create divisions between different rooms to provide physical workspaces. It is after several hours of work that Chloé can now present pictures of her realization.

Advantages of Feltkütur panels

  • Made in Quebec
  • Custom cut
  • Trendy colors
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Chloé Barabé, architect owner of B | Architecture.