The DüotexTM is a halfway impregnated latex resin decorative felt:

  • Enhances stiffness without adding low-melt (bicomponent) fibers
  • Wrinkle resistant when folded
  • Soft side (without resin) improves the look and feel
  • Hard side (with resin) gives structural and tackable properties
Product description


1,24 m x 2,46 m (±10%)
48,8” x 96,8” (±10%)

• 6,4 mm or ¼” (±10%)
• 12,7 mm or ½” (±10%)


100 %
PET content
up to 50 %
of recycling PET fibers depending of color properties


Tan Percé

Tan Woburn

Brown Wendake   




Gray St-Sebastien

Gray Westmont

Gray Fermont





Green Ste-Marie

Blue St-Georges




*See technical data sheet for more details. 

Preparation guide

Mold-to-measure with thermoforming

Düotex can be thermoformed into almost any three-dimensional shape. Simply preheat it and shape it by applying pressure in a cold mold. Hot air is generally used for preheating, but another option is to use infrared heaters in a conveyor oven or on a rotary molding table. It is possible to work with several different densities when molding and your options don’t stop here! Düotex can be laminated with a variety of fabrics, including nonwovens such as Feltväri, or with films and knits.

Pressure forming technology

When Düotex is pressure formed between male and female molds, the ideal wall thickness distribution is produced in the cross direction, thereby eliminating the need to stretch the material during the process. The material to be formed should be between 302°F and 375°F (150°C to 190°C), depending on its density and thickness.

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